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Zeus at your service!

A neighbor called last night and said that a dog had followed them home, right into their house(?).  Now, instead of that neighbor holding the dog for a night in a safe room, they called us.  Our resident human was on a job and could not leave but the dog was dropped off anyway.  Thank goodness our other caretaker was here or I am not sure what would have happened to this beautiful guy.

We are not intended to be a holding pen or a taxi service to the neighborhood for wayward pets.  We will gladly help you locate the owner but please do not bring pets to our door and drop them off as there are other more suitable places to do just that.  As much as we would like to be a wayward kennel, we cannot and will not tolerate this kind of behavior.  We are not being cruel, it is cruel to the animal and as insecure and frightened as they are feeling already when they find you, by doing that to an animal makes it feel even more insecure and could cause irreparable damage to their psyche as well as in some sad cases bodily harm, from others or other creatures of the night.  If you take an animal in, then take care of it.  That animal relied on you for help so don’t dump it again just because you don’t think you can or don’t want the responsibility.  You claimed responsibility the minute you took it in and you should do the right thing, just like we did when it was left on our door step.  I understand that he got out when the door was opened for just a second too long last night.  That tells me that this kind of thing might and most likely will happen again because he is still a puppy and wants to run and play.

He is healthy and happy and that is why we knew he had to belong to someone close by.  If he is found again at night running the neighborhood, I sincerely hope you will take him home and not just drop him off somewhere.  Can you just imagine how heartbroken the family would have been had he not been taken where he could be scanned for his chip by the right people.  He could have ended up a fighting dog or worse, bait for one.   You will find his photo in this blog. For legal reasons I cannot divulge his home address.  However!  If you do the right thing, this won’t be an issue because you will have no trouble getting it from the Humane Society just like we did!!!  Scan him for a chip, it’s amazing how helpful they can be!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Take this information seriously and don’t let this happen to your pet.  If you love your animal family members take care of them the same way you would your human ones.  They need your protection even more!


******This is an editorial and does not reflect the opinion of the rest of the world, only the animal kingdom!******

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