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Zeus is the ‘top dog’ round these parts.  You can’t get anything over on him.  He takes care of keeping everyone in ‘check’, even Katie, the resident human. Come visit with him and you’ll see how he rules.  He is the king and he knows it!  He’d like to invite you to browse this website and see everything it has to offer.  There’s humor, education, causes, friends, neighbors and loved ones that have gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Zeus wants you to visit this website often because things never stay the same for very long and he tries really hard to keep things interesting for your enjoyment.  His favorite things are long walks on the beach and carrot snacks.  His favorite sport is dropping his ball in the pool and jumping in after it.  Once he starts, he wants to play ALLLLLLL day long!


Katie is definitely the ‘mamma dog’.  She takes care of everyone and makes sure that everyone gets the same amount of love and attention.  She definitely has her finger on the pulse of the Hideaway.  Katie is the resident human of the house.  Katie loves to make sure everyone is happy, fed, and entertained. She LOVES to play the day away with your precious family members.  She is a member of NAPPS (National Association of Professional Pet Sitters) and takes the caring of your family members very seriously.  Be sure to ask about all the special things she will offer your favorite baby per your special instruction sheet! (Send electronically or print and bring with you)

Brady Bird

Brady is our alarm clock, he wakes everyone up with his rousting screech and then says ‘whatcha doin’.  His companion, Arie is a beautiful Cockatoo who can’t resist telling everyone ‘love you’ all day.  Once in while he will even say “Hello” and “Whatcha doin'”. Brady Bird, along with Arie the Cockatoo want to remind the humans that, as much as they like company, they want their OWN space!

Member: NAPPS (National Association of Professional Pet Sitters) & Manatee Chamber of Commerce

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