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Adoptions Save Lives

Next time you get the urge to get a pet, please act responsibly. Not everyone should own a pet and those that want to, think about it long and hard because when their owners get tired of them they either end up in a shelter or the Humane Society or on ‘death row’. Why take that chance? Seriously think about why you want a pet and if you still want one after careful consideration, consider this: Adoption is always your best bet. Why? You are saving a life, creating life in an animal with no hope of a home until they meet you. See the love, see the sadness, and see the joy once in your arms. These animals were found or dropped off somewhere to be discovered by someone just like you. They deserve a loving home with loving owners that care about their survival. Stop by the Animal Services Adoption Center and find a new family member who will love you unconditionally and for as long as they live. What better way to share the love you have in your heart but for a creature that was created so man would truly understand what unconditional love is all about! Thanks to those of you who have, and thanks to those of you who will. Adopt, don’t buy, adopt, give hope and love to an animal who will only give it back 10 fold!


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