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Folks it was a great Halloween and BeepBeep, Buddy, Hobo and me, Zeus got to see all the ghosties and goblinies get candy from our resident human tonight..some were soooooo scary and others were so cute! Cruise the Hideaways page and see some of the great costumes friends from all over are wearing tonight. Another holiday down and two more to go before the new year. In a little while as soon as Mimi, our IT cat gets our pictures downloaded you get to see us in our costumes…nothing near as fancy as some of our posted friends but we still had a great time…Beep Beep was tinkerbell with wings…Hobo was a beach bum, how fitting for a HOBO…lol Lil’ Buddy was wearing a clown collar and I was in my skeleton suit I wear every year. I really wish our human would go buy something new..this is getting old and so am I. You’d think she dress me in something a little more mature. You know like Scooby-Doo or Dino from the Flinstones..something with some class at least. Oh well..so long for now and look for our photos here in just a bit! Signing off, Zeus! Everybody had a costume. BeepBeep was Tinkerbell, Hobo was a BeachBum, Zeus was a skeleton and Buddy was a clown but his pic didn’t turn out so good so I couldn’t use it..hope you enjoy them anyway!

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