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“Hello All!
As this email is going to many people, including volunteers of SPC, some of what I will share will be new and some of it many of you already know, so please bear with me. It is with an extremely heavy heart that I have decided to send out this plea for a new director for Senior Pet Connection (volunteer position).
After starting SPC in Dec 2012, I had no idea that it would grow into the senior pet support group that it currently is. For those that are not familiar with Senior Pet Connection, and what we do, we currently deliver donated pet food and supplies to low-income and disabled seniors in Pinellas County. We do not rescue pets or provide medical services support. There is a huge need for our program and we have been able to help many. We currently help 50+ seniors monthly to feed around 85 dogs and cats. Our group is very organized and we have awesome delivery volunteers (7 routes), volunteers that place donations banks and bins in animal-friendly places for cash donations and food, and others that contribute with special skills such as Facebook posting, accounting and communicating with our seniors. We have a great group!
Why am I stepping down? Some of you know of the unexpected recent passing of my nephew, who was the main caretaker for my parents that live in Crystal River. This has put my parents front and center on my list of things I am responsible for. I am trying to get them to move down here so I can care for them better but that is proving to be a struggle. I anticipate many weekends on the road between here and there. I also am joyfully expecting the birth of my first grandbabies and want to spend as much time with them, also. I do work full-time (like so many of you do) but many of you know how that greatly limits any free time you have and it has also caused some problems at work trying to keep up with SPC stuff and I can’t afford to lose my job. Up to now, every weekend is spent doing something for SPC but I simply do not have enough time with everything that is needing my attention at this point.
If you’ve read my email to this point….thank you! I have sent this to many people we have either worked with or know of, for the purpose of finding a new director for SPC, to take over for me. I will stay somewhat involved but I can no longer maintain the day-to-day operations. It is, and always has been, our mission to help these seniors but I must step back. I’m pleading for someone that may want to carry on this cause as the alternative is to shut down all together and that is quite simply not an option. Once you get to know some of our seniors, you will know why we can’t just do that.
I’m hoping that possibly Sarah at HS Clearwater may want to integrate our program into their AniMeals program somehow….maybe Scott at PetPal could see this as a positive addition to his shelter and services that he provides….. . I have contacted Peggy at Meals On Wheels and they are discussing a possible alternative to getting the food delivered through their senior dining sites and their MOW drivers but we strive to maintain the personal contact with all of our senior clients and that can only be accomplished by one-on-one visits.
This honestly hurts so bad having to write this email as I want to continue helping our seniors but I simply no longer have the time that it takes. If you are interested, or know anyone in the animal rescue arena that is looking for a wonderful feel-good organization to run, please contact me and we can talk. I promise, you will not be thrown into it with no support as it is crucial that SPC continue the good work we do with no hiccups! Please share with others and call me with any questions, I’m sure there may be a lot!
Thank you to everyone and I’m hoping for an angel to come forward for SPC!”

Big hugs,

Gina Shields, Director
501(c)(3) Non-Profit
Office (727) 826-0559 (leave message)
Cell (727) 421-7670

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