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Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep


No such luck!  It 2:00 in the morning and I’ve been in bed for hours.  I know I have to get up in three and a half hours but that doesn’t seem to bother the dogs.  It’s bad enough that they demand to sleep with me but they insist on taking up the entire bed!  I have a king sized bed and six large pillows.  Unfortunately, I have to steal a small pillow off the couch.  I have approximately eighteen inches of mattress in which to configure myself.  Somehow, there seems to be something wrong with this picture.

OK, so I have more than one dog.  Yes, I have four of them.  Not a single dog weighs over eight pounds!   Four Yorkshire Terriers take up more room than two grown adult humans!  It’s not even that they take the space.  The hard part is that just about the time I get comfortable and start to feel the Sandman’s visit, I hear a whine coming from the floor next to the bed.  I realize at that moment I will not be sleeping any time soon.

The first one has jumped off the bed and now has decided she wants back up on the bed but can’t jump nor has she figured out I put a chair next to the bed for her to use.  No biggie, I’ll just wake up fully to get her because I CAN’T SEE HER WITHOUT THE LIGHT ON!!  I pick her up and put her back on the bed.  She’s quite delighted at my prompt attention and immediately, takes hostage the one pillow I had to get for myself.  I gently pick her up and move her over.   I’m starting to get comfortable again.  I’ve told myself I can sleep now and it’s been such a long day.  I’m ready, buried in my pillow again.

Oh no!  I knew it was too good to be true.  I hear yet another whine only this time, it’s different.  Now the second and tiniest of the family has jumped off the bed and is in dire need of my help to get back upon the bed.  Again, on go the lights and off the bed I go to pick up the little one.  I understand he’s too tiny to find the chair let alone jump up in it.  I coddle him in my arms and lay him down next to his mother and he promptly goes to sleep.

Ah!  Finally, rest is only a few short minutes away and my nightmare begins again only this time it’s the scratching.  First one then the other and before you know it all four of them are scratching and snorting and licking and moving first one place then the next trying yet again to find a more comfortable spot to snuggle into.  This process takes anywhere from ten minutes to around thirty minutes.  In the process of making themselves more comfortable I realize I have one on my head, one at my feet.  One has managed to dig deep into the bend of my knees for shelter and the last and oldest one has decided she needs to go relieve herself and needs help getting down.

I get up, take her to her pad and somehow stumble on to the couch in the living room where I think I might be able to spend the balance of my night.  I feel the breeze from the A/C and start to doze.  As luck would have it, I hear the pitter patter of little feet and here we go again!

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