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Old is Inevitable

I awoke with the usual, “Come on now, get up and let’s go for a walk!”  I did not want to go because it is just too painful but I did anyway.  Slowly but surely I stretched one leg out and then the next feeling the stiffness of the long night.  Little by little, I began to rise and got off my warm and soft bed.  I padded into the kitchen to get my daily dose of glucosamine and a bite of breakfast from the bowl my love had made for me.  It seems all my food is softer these days; I miss the crunch of the food I used to get.

My eyes do not see as well as they used to, there is a bit of a haze over everything.  Bright lights hurt and I must bear the sunshine.  It is a beautiful day and I do need to go outside.  My love gets my paraphernalia off the table and hooks me up and out we go.  Once I rise and start walking, I do feel a little better.  I just hope it will not be a long walk; I am not as young as I used to be.

Brought to my attention was that I have a doctor appointment today and that I have to be on my best behavior.  I do not like these visits, it is cold, it smells funny and there are always so many people.  So many strangers and they all want to know my name for some reason. The last time I went, I got some sort of shot, it made me a little sick and I slept most of the day when I got home and felt strange.  I did not like that either.

I overheard when you get old and feeble, it could be required to be, ‘put down’.   I do not understand what that means.  Will I be put on the floor?  Will I no longer be held?  Will I be demeaned?   I just don’t understand.  The words frightened me.  Do they not know that I can hear their words?  I look into their eyes and they see me looking but I don’t think they understand what I am telling them because I speak no words that they can comprehend.

It is alright.  I know that I am loved.  I know that I will not be forgotten.  I know that when I am held that my love is taken and returned.  I get a pat on the head, a hug, I get to sleep in the same bed with my love many times and my love gives me all the room I want.  At night we snuggle and my love speaks softly to me and holds me until I sleep and dream that once again I am young.

It is not easy growing old.  I am a dog you see.  I have lived a long time and have been given great care.  I know that when it comes time to go to the Rainbow Bridge that one day my love will find me waiting and ready to play once more.

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