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Shadow is in the Dark

This just has to be said no if’s and’s or but’s about it!  A small long haired black applehead chi was found this last weekend.  It was almost dead due to starvation.  The only thing we had to bring it back was soft food and the same ‘formula’ drink they give homeless people.  I dunked my fingers in the fluid and gave it to him drop by little drop that he lapped very hungrily from my hand.  He threw up several times to get the bile out of his stomach from not eating in such a long time.  It took three days for him to come back to his old self and was so grateful.  He kissed and kissed many times over.  I slept with him as close to me as possible to make sure I noticed any movement or nonmovement so I would know he would be ok.  We took him to the humane society and discovered he was chipped.  We tried to contact the owners.  They were well know to the humane society and yes, the dog had been reported missing.  We thought we were happy until we found out what kind of home life he had.  We were so disappointed.  The people said the dog was a runner and was famous for running off.  The dog is NOT a runner and we gave him ample opportunity to do just that to make sure.  He would not leave our sides.  Much to our dismay, it took three days for the owners to call and tell us they want the dog back.  We tried to fight it because of the place we had to take him back to.  We even had a loving home for him to go to where he would have a companion that would love him forever.  Unfortunately, the law says if the dog is chipped and we find the owners and they want him back we have to give him back.  This was a horrible home and we had no choice.  There should be a law if the home is bad we shouldn’t have to give the dog back.  I hope things will be different this time but we will be forever vigil just in case he ‘runs’ off again.  Next time we won’t be so quick to send him back.  If this is bad then We are bad.  I’m so sorry Shadow.  You will be missed.

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  1. Katie says:

    Shadow is now with a real loving family with children. His new pet parents are so happy to have him and he will be loved very much. He was a two time rescue with us and this time he went to a new home happy and healthy. There will be children to play with and pet parents who will treat him with kindness. I received a phone call from the new pet parents letting me know that we didn’t have to worry about him and that he was getting lots of kisses and hugs. Everyone fell in love with him right away starting with the pet grandparents who discovered him while making a place in their hearts for two birds that I had acquired to replace the ones that they lost. This story couldn’t have had a happier ending. Furry tails do come true and it happened to Shadow. Although I will miss him with all my heart I know I did the right thing by letting this wonderful family adopt him. He won’t miss me much but I hope he’ll always remember me when I get to see him.

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